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Step into a world of intensified senses, vivid colors, and profound insights with Blue Meanie, a potent magic mushroom strain known for its higher psilocybin content and rapid onset of effects. Originating from the warm climates of Australia, Blue Meanie has become a favorite among enthusiasts for its potent psychedelic effects, offering a journey that is as deep and mystifying as the oceanic landscapes of its homeland.


PriceFrom R90,00
    • Origin: Australian Tropics
    • Potency: High, known for its elevated psilocybin content
    • Effects: Intense visual enhancements, emotional revelations, and spiritual journeys
    • Harvest: Ethically sourced and harvested at peak potency

    Flavor and Aroma:

    Blue Meanie boasts an earthy flavor profile, with subtle notes of umami that whisper the secrets of the mystical journey ahead. The aroma is a blend of earthly woods and oceanic breezes, a sensory prelude to the psychedelic odyssey that awaits.


    • Visual Ocean: Dive into an ocean of intensified colors, dynamic patterns, and visual symphonies that dance to the rhythm of existence.
    • Emotional Depths: Explore the deep waters of your emotions, unveiling insights, healing, and revelations with every wave.
    • Spiritual Tides: Ride the tides of spiritual awakening, connecting to the cosmic ocean where the stars meet the sea.

    Medical Benefits:

    • Mood Elevation: Watch as the tides of anxiety and depression recede, unveiling the serene shores of positivity and euphoria.
    • Creative Currents: Unleash the currents of creativity, where ideas flow like waves, and innovation knows no bounds.
    • Existential Exploration: Navigate the waters of existence, identity, and purpose with enhanced clarity and profound insights.

    • Consumption Advisory: Begin with a small dose to assess individual sensitivity. The effects can be intense, so prepare your setting and mindset accordingly.
    • Caution: Avoid mixing with other substances, and ensure you are in a safe, comfortable environment with trusted companions if desired.

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