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Unleash the boundaries of perception with the Mindbender Dark Oreo Chocolate Truffle, an exquisite melding of gourmet indulgence and psychedelic exploration. Each piece is a crafted experience, where the rich, intense flavor of dark Oreo chocolate becomes the vessel for a journey through the enigmatic realms of the mind and soul.


At the heart of each Mindbender Truffle lies a potent infusion of psilocybin extract, derived from a curated blend of diverse mushroom strains. Each strain is meticulously selected and extracted to preserve the essence of its mystical properties, culminating in a psychedelic symphony that dances to the harmonious tunes of sensory elevation and profound introspection.


With a dosing equivalent to 2.7 to 3g of raw mushrooms, every truffle is a gateway to a visual spectacle. Colors transcend their ordinary spectrum, patterns animate with ethereal energy, and the world unveils its hidden dance that exists just beyond the veil of the ordinary gaze.

The Mindbender Truffle is not just a confection; it’s an experience, a passage through the corridors of the mind where the mystical and the marvelous intertwine. Every bite is an invitation to transcend the mundane, to bend the realms of perception, and to embark upon a journey where the senses are not just awakened but reborn.


PriceFrom R160,00